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Default Re: Lennox Lewis Without Steward

I am going to stuck my neck out and say he would not have been as sucesful as he did eventually turn out.. Lennox changed his attitude , gained weight and became a lot bigger stronger and bolder heavyweight... I think he would have taken on Morrison as he was always muted to , looked good but not as outstanding as he did with Manny and eventually boxed either Mercer or Holyfield at an earlier point and not been as Strong resolution a fighter as he did become, and lost again along the way because he did not lose that denial he had with Pepe.. he was a bit aloof at the time he lost to Mccall and Manny knocked that outa him, he probably would have boxed unbeaten for a lot of years but never stood out like he did eventually, Manny did make a massive difference, mostly in his psyche...
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