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Default Re: Lennox Lewis Without Steward

He wouldn't have stayed with Pepe Correa long...if it wasn't McCall, someone else soon would've beaten Lewis and Correa would've gone. Remember that by the time of the McCall fight virtually everyone in camp except Lewis was against Correa, and even Lewis was starting to 'see the light' there. It would've only taken one loss to end that partnership.

So if Steward is out of the picture entirely, it depends who he has instead. We can't assume no-one else would be able to develop Lewis, even if not quite in the same way and level as Manny did. The wrong coach, of course, could also lead to him regressing as Correa arguably did. It's notable that Lewis's jab for instance is a lot stiffer in the Chanet, Mason, Weaver fights under Davenport than the pawing setting-up-for-my-right-hand jab from Correa's fights.

So, it would depend who he got.
I do think the odds would be in favour of him not achieving what he actually did though.

I remember when he turned up to the Butler fight at 248lbs, 10 pounds heavier than against McCall and almost a good 20 pounds heavier than most people felt he should be at that point, there was some muttering that he was just another heavyweight without any discipline going to fat...
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