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Default Re: Example of a fighter rendering an opponents jab useless

Barney Ross had a great fast left jab. Cani could not get out of its way, as Ross was pop shotting him, McLarin found the jab just as hard to avoid. And Billy Petrolle got nail with for ten rounds in the rematchs.

It would seem no one had a answer for that left jab of Ross's??? Come in Henry Armstrong, Ross control the first 3 rounds of the fight with his left jab. But as the rounds wore on, Ross was missing his mark with the left jab more and more. Armstrong's head movement was good to make Ross miss, and than counter Ross with body head shots. By the ten round Ross was on the ropes takeing a beating. And by the 15round, Armstrong was over whelming Ross to head and body, the jab was no longer a factor. Armstrong took Ross's main weapon away with his shoulder and head movement, the left jab.
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