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Default Re: BJ Penn kicking it with Kid Yamamoto

Originally Posted by Sweet Pea
Motivation, being in shape, not gassing after a round or two in fights you're winning. Winning more than 2 out of your last 5 fights, one of them to a has been.

He has all the talent in the world, but not the motivation, hence his ****ty cardio and his tendancy to gas, leading to losses. Sorry, that's not the stuff of the best in the world. Fedor has similar talent but a lot more motivation and determination. BJ has no case over Fedor or even a few others. I don't rank him in the top 10.
The fact he isn't motivated, in shape and gasses YET achieves what he does is simply a reflection of what he is as a fighter.

Some of the top P4P boxers have recent losses but rank high.

Many fighters lack motivation, doesn't mean they aren't great or top P4P.

BJs performances agaisnt Hughes and GSP gives him all the case in the world.

He straight ****d and bamboozled Hughes in the first fight.
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