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Default Re: Lennox Lewis' longevity...not that much better than Tyson's!

Originally Posted by Jinx
what other guys did Lewis beat that are worth mentioning? Ruddock? a better version of him was destroyed by a post-reign Tyson a year earlier...Mercer? he was beaten handily by an old Larry Holmes, and Tyson starched a younger Holmes in 4 rds...and Lewis BARELY beat Mercer...Tucker? well that looks good for Lewis, until you throw in the fact that Tyson beat an undefeated version of Tucker 6 YEARS before Lewis got to him...Bruno? another good looking win for Lewis UNTIL you add the fact that Tyson destroyed Bruno 4 YEARS earlier...and Tyson wasn't getting his ass handed to him by Bruno...

i rest my case, unless we have to mention guys like Briggs, Golota, and Morrison...
So what we are saying is that wins over any of these fighters are meaningless because they had all lost other fights??? Sheesh, do me a favour!!! When contenders meet other contenders, they are bound to win some and lose some. The fact that a fighter may have lost to another fighter or two does not render any victory over him worthless. Looks at the late 90s/early 00s lot. Golota lost to Grant who lost to McCline, who lost to Byrd who lost to W. Klitchko, who lost to Sanders (and Brewster), who lost to V. Klitchko who lost to Byrd. Maskaev lost to Tua, who lost to Byrd and drew with Rahman, who lost to Ruiz, who lost to and beat Holyfield. I guess that means none of them were ever any good, right?

Bottom line, when contenders continually fight other contenders, most of them probably are going to take a loss or two on the way. It's styles, it's boxing. Does not mean that any other fighter's win over them is totally worthless. If a couple of Lewis opponents had also lost to Tyson, that's the nature of the game and shows that Tyson was still good enough to be thought of as a top contender. It's not as though Tyson was in with a prayer when he and Lewis fought now is it?
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