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Default Re: If Wills had matched and beat Dempsey for the title,who takes it form him?

Originally Posted by McGrain View Post
That's a looooooooooong ****ing reign right there. Six years.

He'd be busy, too. Can't imagine him making anything like what Dempsey made through film.
Looking at his record he's pretty much mowing down the best of the division during that period anyway, till he got to Sharkey, I think he'd do the same as champion until Tunney catches him past his prime in 25, around the time Tunney started to really focus on competing at heavyweight, sometime after he beat up Greb in their last fight. If Tunney doesn't get to Wills first, though, Sharkey would probably beat him just as he did in real life in 26. And yes, I doubt he'd be making much money as champion except through fights. From what I've read, his fighting style was somewhat boring, plus he was black, so I doubt people would pay too much to watch him fight exhibitions or appear in films.
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