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Default Re: Running/jogging improvement

Lostmykeys has the right idea; now that you've been running regularly for a while, you might incorporate some speedwork. By this, I don't mean sprints. I mean intervals and tempo runs.

Tempo runs are continuous runs at a pace hard enough to be able to feel it, but not so hard that you can't maintain it for the duration. You should start by doing a warmup jog for about ten minutes first, and accompany it with a cooling down jog of a similar time.

Intervals you might already be familiar with; hard running (remember, NOT sprinting) over a certain distance, preferably on a track, followed by a cooldown jog or walk, then another hard interval. Try a half mile at first to try it out (twice around a track in the second lane) and see how it goes. At this point, don't worry about a goal time, just familiarize yourself with the feeling of running harder than you're used to. Don't go out too fast, as the idea behind intervals is to do a few of them per session. Don't wanna burn yourself out on the first one.

Eventually, build up to doing mile and then mile and a half intervals, maybe even two mile sets. You'll be surprised how you'll cut your times (at least at first).
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