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Default Re: Greater Resume: Lewis or Holmes?

Originally Posted by mr. magoo
So basically what this said was that Ali, Dundee, and some unamed magazine felt that Norton was nobody before Muhammad's first meeting with him.
Hauser's book is not a contemporary source, actually. He met with Ali and his wife in October 1988 to discuss the possibility of writing that book, so some of those opinions about Norton were said in 1988-1991 (the book was first published in 1991) and still none of them thought highly of Norton. While you have presented nothing at all to back your bare words up, and it's been how long? But I expected that, as it's hard to find much respect for Norton in the contemporary sources, it only started to change many years after where people were trying to raise Ali's status as truly the greatest heavyweight there was, and thus instead of admitting that Ali lost to a virtually nobody, they started calling Norton great, and it has gone so far that he was accepted into IBHOF, which is BS to say the least.

Hmmmmm......I wonder how all three entities felt after the match, let alone 2 more fights later, plus maybe half a decade of Kenny tearing up the division....
The 3rd fight meant nothing at all. Everyone figured Ali was done by that time, was completely past it.

Funny how a " nobody " can all of a sudden become somebody, when given a chance. Is this not what great fighters are made of?
Except that Norton doesn't have anything significant other than 1 single win over aged undertrained Ali. He has 2 losses in rematches and a loss to Holmes, if you are not aware of that. He blew his chances, and him being awarded the title was a joke. He has never truly won a world champion title, he was a journeyman (who entered the ratings only because the system or ranking fighter was very bad, he didn't have a single win over ranked fighter prior to meeting with Ali) who accidentally became a mediocre contender once, blew his chances in rematches, and got handed a gift in a fight vs another former journeyman.
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