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Originally Posted by Stinky gloves
Which country have better boxers and fighters: Thailand or Phillipines?
Who also have bigger traditions in matrial arts, not clasical boxing only (e.g. Muay Thai, Thai boxing, FFA etc.)?
you know muay thai is not really orginally thai. less credit was given to thai's neighboring countries e.g. cambodia. this is were injustice comes. muay thai was only developed during the 20th century. thailand's neighboring countries weren't able to advertise their martial art because of internal fighting, cvil war etc. because of this, no foreigner ever bothered to go to these countries and learn the martial art. they instead went ot thailand and there the thais went on to claim the sport as originally their own.

also, thais can't beat flips. that's why they bring bums from the philippines to fight their elite fighters. remember lito sisnorio. worst record and still allowed to fight a former champion.

breaking news: during the world university games soccer game between thailand and mexico in bangkok, a brawl erupted. i smell a mexico vs thailand II. the winner becomes no. 1 contender for the next world cup.
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