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Default Re: Running/jogging improvement

Originally Posted by salsanchezfan
............I'd steer clear of trails, at least inasmuch as it would affect what you're trying to accomplish here. Trails have uneven surfaces, which means you have to leap here and there, slow down to avoid this, speed up around that; the pace tends to be very uneven on trials, so I don;t see that helping at all.

Tell me if it's different for you when you do get outside, but I predict your mile time will be faster on a track than on the treadmill. For some reason, that always seems the case.

I would absolutely advocate getting off the treadmill. The test is going to be on a track, so might as well get used to it. Spice it up with some runs around the neighborhood, parks are a great idea. I find the need to change venues once in a while if the scenery gets too boring.
not a fan of sprints?
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