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Originally Posted by Stinky gloves
So why does the filipino agree to such fights. I know the money
is the main reson but if you know they fight dirty then why risk your life?

Is there some kind of local war going on between Thais and Pinoys?
For example Thai promorets recruiting Filipino just because of nationality
so their local champions can have additional icing on the cake?
You have to know that the filipino's willingness and their familiarity to travel makes them easy targets for local shady promoters. Korea, Japan, and Thailand have always picked up Filipinos to throw to their prospects since as far as I can remember watching the sport. A lot of our c level fighters struggling financially will ignore the risks just to make a small buck. Sometimes it pays off as in the case of Espinosa and Pacquiao who beat fighters they were not supposed to beat but in most cases it ends up being a mismatch.

If you want an example on how far we would go, just look at Iraq. A lot of Filipinos know the danger involved in working there but you can easily provide for your family if you work there for one year as opposed to working several back home.
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