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Default Re: Who was Fritzie Zivic?

Fritzie Zivic was a master craftsmen of his era, as well as a throwback rough and tumble fighter of the highest order. He knew every trick in the book as well as a few out of Greb’s; his self declared best punch was a left hook to the “you know where”. Win or lose, one thing was certain fighting a primed and ready Zivic; you weren’t walking out of the ring unmarked. After wholly battering and ending Armstrong’s reign as welterweight champion, a reporter likened Hank’s face to an “oozing hamburger”.

janitor is right in praising Zivic as a strategist; against the naturally larger LaMotta, Zivic turned to his jab in the rematch to earn him a decision. A large part of the first Armstrong victory also had to do with Zivic’s precise punching toward the scar tissue around Henry’s eyes.

A definite threat at 147.
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