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Default Re: Hatton vs Prime Castillo

Exact same outcome. Hatton is bigger, stronger and more powerful. Not to mention more agile, fluid, nimble and dynamic.

Did Castillos ribs get old? No, Castillo was made to pay for things he has done his whole career. He always is left foot heavy, he always crosses his arms like that and he always starts slow.

Castillo is a more polished, text book fighter who works on fundamentals more than Hatton but he did not have Hattons talent or tools.

Hatton came out firing and the first punch showed who was the more agile and dynamic fighter. People call the fall a pull down BUT it was an example of Hattons strength.

Castillo was warming up in the second and then big time in third. Hatton himself says in the break 'he's warming up'. Castillo continue to find a home for body shots and uppercuts but he was made to pay horribly.

How shot is Castillo? The HBO are talking out of their ****. Does a shot fighter throw 50-60 body shots a round. Look at the punch stats, Hatton edges him in all areas. This was a good reflection of the fight, Hatton was just that little bit better.

People say Ngoudjo showed Castillo was shot? Instead of saying Castillo was facing a young undefeated fighter who simply didn't have the experience. Castillo beat him, you don't win rounds doing what Herman did.

Yes, Castillo was not in his absolute prime BUT stop taking away from the win by saying he was shot. Going into the fight Hatton was coming off arguably three bad performances. No one remembers this post fight.

Same with Tszyu, Hatton had never fought on that level and Tszyu had destroyed the consensus best 140 pounder in the world. Post fight? no on remembers this and Hatton beat another shot fighter.

Truth is, Hatton has faced a top 10 140 pounder and a top 30 135 pounder and he has decisively beaten both.

Things that are being said about Hatton can ruin Marcianos record. Marcianos record aged like fine wine, it just got better. Eventually people could appreciate what he did.

Why waste 30 years before appreciating Hatton is an elite fighter who is good for boxing!
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