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Default Re: Your top 10 SMW list...?

Originally Posted by Amsterdam
I don't know if it should commense though, there are some things that you just can't mess with and my favourite fighter seems to bring an either "love him" or "hate him" vibe, even though post-Lacy there has been some universal respect laid down.

I'm not a nuthugger, but I am a massive fan and can be biased a little, even though I seek at all costs for fairness and unbiased views because I view fanboyism to be a negative respect on any discussion, but my true thoughts on Calzaghe vs. Fitz in a head to head comparison and not a legacy comparison are going to bring some people to view me as not legitimate in other discussions.

It's possible, but at the same time I've always been a little (perhaps jokingly) fanatical about Fitz's abilities, so our biases should cancel each other out. There's (just) enough Youtube and Google Book evidence on Fitz's style that we can dissect it (and Calzaghe's) in the same way we did Louis's.

Besides, debates that we have an emotional stake in (as long as we keep the arguments themselves polite and objective) are often the most enlightening.

So...shall we set a date with destiny after the Calzaghe-Kessler bout is concluded? Perhaps something like, "Calzaghe vs. Fitzsimmons: A Great Supermiddle in Retrospect".
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