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Default Re: Why did PBF vs SSM NOT happen?

Originally Posted by Ramshall1
The reason FMJ didnt take the fight now is because Hatton looks to be the path of least resistance of the three big money fights Cotto/Shane/Hatton.

Cotto sliced up Zab worse than FMJ did on his move up to WW.

Shane showed his handspeed is still up there with his shutout of Collazo.

Hatton really struggled with Collazo at WW, so he is the easiest of the three at WW. . .. thats why Fraud chose him.
And another thing your dumb ass forgot..HATTON DISSED FLOYD HARSHLY ON TV. I mean blatently dissed him more so then anyone has ever done. Floyd came out to challenge him out of respect. Dumb ass Floyd haters. Like Floyd instigated the matchup....****s
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