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Default Re: Lyle vs Foreman - Why Was Lyle Able To...

Thanks for this post. It prompted me to watch the fight again. I remember these days fondly. I think part of the mix was that Foreman at that time still had what would later be called the "Tyson Mystique". Foreman's loss to Ali didn't diminish his standing as a puncher it only heightened Ali's standing as a boxer.

In the first round Lyle was very effective with his circular movement to Foreman's right, but once he nailed Foreman once he quit moving as effectively.

I would say that the main reasons he did so well against Foreman were that he fought inside fearlessly, sometimes almost laying his head on Foreman's chest, but mostly he counter-punched HARD over that pawing left of Foreman's. Foreman, who once trained with Liston was not accustomed to being treated that way...
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