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Default Re: Why did PBF vs SSM NOT happen?

Originally Posted by Ramshall1
Im saying that Hatton is the lesser threat of the three to FMJ at WW.
Cotto and Shane are pretty close.
your right about this but i dont think PBF is doing this soley because Hatton is hte fact HE KNOWS Hatton is easy money and actually he tried to make it earlier it couldnt be agreed upon so he left it alone...but Hatton has been calling this man name out for a while now you i really think this one is personal...he really just wants to just get hatton done and over with so i can understand why he chose Hatton....its just personal now especially after the bit on t.v after the Castillo yea i agree he is the lesser and i think PBF knows that as well but i think he took the fight just for personal reasons thats all.
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