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Default Re: when did boxing start to decrese in popularity?

Originally Posted by Requiem4Swtscie
In America?

The three big sports in the U.S. at the turn of the century were Horseracing, Baseball, and boxing.

Boxing fell from those heights near the end of the 50's in the U.S.

It then took another fall after the 70's as the public had been led to believe boxing = heavyweights.

Network television left boxing near the end of the 70's as well. As other sports just made them more money.

Even now you will see a bowling commerical on ESPN before you will see a boxing one.

The 80's saw an upsurge due to SRL and such but it was temporary, just like the Tyson affect was temporary.
I think all your points are on the money, but this point is off. What happened was a dumbing down of the American public cause the american public was not willing to follow boxing into the intricacies of divisions and champions and the actual process of the sweet science. So the rise of stars will always be there with the american public, examples of them are Ali, Leonard, Tyson, Foreman, DLH, and whoever follows him. So there will also be a mainstream following for those who can please the crowd and give people a bang for their buck.
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