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Default Re: If HAtton wins what will the excuses be?

Originally Posted by Rosseboi
Maywather's going to box his nuts off but Ricky will close him down.

I don't know how many times this has been said and how many times it's been overlooked though. Hattons the best body puncher's floyd's faced and he's quiet small so Mayweather's never faced someone who fights that much lower than him nor hits to the body like hatton - anyone noticed Mayweathers back-against-the-ropse-rotate-body-whilst-protecting-face unique defence? That **** won't work vs Hatton. He twist's that body BAM! rib shot.

Oh and they'll use ALL those excuses if Hatton wins. If.

yeah it would work better with arms are short and he is incapable of getting around to the ribs if PBF twist and rollls and you forgot the counter right hand uppercut that is coming back to hit hatton in the face..lo ****ing non-boxing idiots..only in the UK...It dont matter who you are. if somebody rolls your punch they roll your punch no matter who punches if its a hook like hatton throws it is easier to roll.
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