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Default Re: El Puma's strength conditioning thread

Originally Posted by GPater11093 View Post
are you in the S.W.A.T or something similar

because i have noticed alot of your routines are from S.W.A.T based routines

BTW they are all good
Thank you. No, but I have used these techniques and have gotten great results in a short amount of time. I will also be posting routines that I have modified from Spetsnaz and other Special op based training.

Using these programs motivates me to reach a level of fitness that world class military operators and elite level combat athletes have acquired. We all take different paths to get the same results as long as the core basics of the training are in place.

1. Do not train to failure for strength

2. Variety

3. Short and intense

4. Rest and nutrition.

5. Consistency
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