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Default Re: The World Of Boxing Revolves Around Spadafora According....

Originally Posted by Sweet Pea
So why did Floyd avoid his offer for 3 years? And before you say it's because he wasn't a good enough champ, why the hell did Floyd then offer to fight him after he was checked into rehab?

And not to mention Floyd was the one who challenged him, so why the hell would he just go in there to mess around and get his ass kicked?
As I said a million times it was 3 months after a fight and 3 months before his next fight basically he thought spadafora was a bum...and that he didnt need to take him seriously. Spadafora was training for a fight that was in one make common sense of that. If floyd 8 weeks for a fight with spadafora he would win no doubt. What sinks this bull**** theory is that to be accused of ducking a fighter the fighter that is accused cannot go on to take on bigger and badder fighters and the guy that he is ducking not take on one big and bad fight EVER. lol this **** is comical...Down right hilarious..What do you think Castillo or Chico would of done to Spadafora in the ring....A guy that struggled with give me a break..
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