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Default Re: The World Of Boxing Revolves Around Spadafora According....

Originally Posted by Sweet Pea
In order for you to comment it you'll have to actually watch it. He got beaten around the ring for 4 straight rounds, covering up and getting his defense penetrated with uppercuts, straight lefts, and right hooks. WTF are you on about?!
Sparring is just sparring. Period. Why do people argue about this? So because Floyd dropped and dominated two super-middleweights during the Baldo camp means he can win a real fight against them? Nope. Sorry. Not happenin'.

Sparring is situational practice. Do you box? Have u ever been in a situational sparring session where you rotate offense and defensive roles? Sparring partners fight to the gameplan of the camp in charge. If Floyd was practicing defense without counters, he was doing his job. If it was Spaddy's camp and he was working on offense, Mayweather was doing his job.

This is why real fights are fought in real venues, and sparring is in the gym. It's meaningless and subjective.
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