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Exclamation Why Haye and Vitali should not fight too soon....

In my opinion both of the fighters are too hasty to face eachother, which may turn out a bit unfavourable for either of them and boxing as a whole. It is beyond doubt that Heavyweight division needs new potential and much more action and excitement. To illustrate my thesis just watch the recent outings of the man considered the head of the HWs, Wladimir Klitschko, all of whose opponents have fallen short in posing ANY threat to the Ukrainian. What's more there is a number of former high grade boxers who are past their prime but still desire to win the HW crown (Toney, Rahman, Holyfield not to mention lower divisions). Unfortunately, the only man that can be real trouble for Klitschko is his brother, against whom, as we all know he won't square off. Now, David Haye is largely untested in this area of boxing, but he does possess all the makings to become a HW champion. Nevertheless, for the sake of boxing he should take 2 or 3 fights before facing one of the Klitschkos to entertain us a bit by KOing a couple of B class fighters which he surely will, or otherwise his short-lived HW bid could come to an abrupt end. For Vitali on the other hand, it would be wise to take his time as well, let's not forget he just came back from retirement and fought Peter who by no means is a serious danger to any A class fighter in the HWs. Moreover, considering his vulnerability to injuries, VItali should take things slowly and perhaps face Haye by the end of 2009.

PS. Merry Xmas to every boxing fan, and to boxing that has had a really impressive impact on the general public by bringing really GOOD fights this year and clearing some air in different divisions as to who should be looked upon as the MAN in their respective weight classes.
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