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Default Re: Why did PBF vs SSM NOT happen?

You say Cotto completly destroyed Judah... it was not the case before the 2 low blows. And Judah is known for folding when things get rough.

Mayweather would never fold the way Judah did and Cotto's lack of defense(let's face it, his only defense is his offense) would not take him far against Mayweather. He would get countered all night.. and it's not like dude got a rock solid chin. It's still up in the air.

Mosley would be an interestign match-up, but the only thing he has on Floyd is power, that's it. And if DLH could not hurt Floyd when he hit flush, Mosley won't either.

All that leaves leaves Hatton, the guy who struggled with Collazo's size at 147.. The difference between Collazo and Mayweather is that Collazo was one of the biggest at WW and Mayweather is the smallest. You can't claim Hatton is bad at 147, you can claim he's bad when facing bigger opponents, true. But Floyd is not bigger than Hatton.
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