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Default Re: Vinnie Pazienza .vs. Arturo Gatti

Gatti was no Sweet Pea obviously but the guy had some underrated skills to him. The problem is Gatti was way too easy to bait into a war and by the time they tried to "change" his style, it was way too late in the game. He only knew one way to fight at that point. He's so overrated that he's underrated in a sense. He's gotten blown up as some sort of amazing warrior but when he felt like it, he had a decent array of tools as well. People forget that similar to them forgetting how Hagler could be very technical because of his wild brawl with Hearns and Antufermo and Mugabi.

As per who wins this one, I'd probably favor Gatti on some sort of cut stoppage as ironic as that may sound. I'd say it's 55/45 if anything.
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