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Default Re: El Puma's strength conditioning thread

Merry Christmas Brothers

This little gem I picked up from reading Pavel's literature and found it to be very effective in quick strength gains.

The following technique is simply overcoming dead weight without a pre stretch or bounce. I theorize that most grappling and overall combat sports movements start from the ''dead weight" position. i.e. being in the middle of a combo punching movement or shooting technique is easier than the explosive start required at the very start of the movement.

Pushup- begin by lowering yourself and resting your chest on the ground for 1-2 seconds before elevating and finishing the rep.

Pullup/Chinup- I perform this with a weight vest,ankle weights and a kb strapped around my waist and at the start my feet are resting on the ground and the only part of my upper body that is tense at the time is my grip. When I finish the pull movement, I rest my feet at the bottom again and relaxing before I go up again.

I would highly suggest the greasing the groove method as this movement taxes me and going by body feel will help prevent burn out. Rest and nutrition makes up the rest to prevent said burnout.

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