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Default Rakim's Christmas log.

I doubt I'll update this regularly but I'd like somewhere to set some targets and stuff. I wish I'd done the whole taking photos and making note of every step when I first started doing a bit of lifting, so I might as well do a little bit now. Here's a reasonably accurate list of what I can do at the moment....

Deadlift: 130kg
Squat: 80kg (haven't done these in a while, I made 90 before but I'll say 80 for now).
Bench: 90kg
Pull-ups: 6
Chin-ups: 9
Military Press: 50kg

If anyone can think of other stuff to try let me know and I'll do it at the gym tomorrow and record it on here. Then I can have a look back this time next year and see where I've improved. Ideally, I'd like to be deadlifting 150kg, squatting 120kg, and benching 100kg as maximums by this time next year. 15 wide-ish grip pullups would be nice as well, but I've got to let my finger heal up a bit before I can do those properly.
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