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Default Re: Rakim's Christmas log.

Originally Posted by Jazzo View Post

When you do lifts like bench press you want your muscle stabilizers to be strong, so after you finish with your barbell sets on the chest, grab a pair of dumbbells and hammer out a few sets. Some like to work to failure whilst some don't. Use "ballistic" movements - slow on the way down and extremely fast on the way up. Or as fast as can be. You get a far better range of movement with dumbbells since you can actually push from below the chest.

Basic plyometrics involves explosive push ups. Easy to read up on - you will find plenty of videos too. It will help increase your 1 rep max.

You can also employ jumping squats, but one thing at a time.

Dumbbells are under rated IMO.

Cheers mate, I'll give it a go with my bench and then use it elsewhere if I get some decent results.
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