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Default Re: El Puma's strength conditioning thread

Originally Posted by lenin View Post
good looks Puma. got some questions

1) what are your reasons for 3-5 minute rest between sets? buddy of mine was saying he read somewhere that you have to use least time possible between sets to get the "pump" but this causes me tire a lot faster so I take bout 2 minutes between sets

2) how many times a week do you work the same body part? In high school when I had alot of time to lift I'd give them 48 hours of rest before I worked them again. now I'm thinking that might not be enought rest time and since I dont have as much time at the gym I just work every muscle group once a week.

3) what muscles do you group and work togather on the same day? most people I know work arms one day and chest another day. what I do is work chest and trist one day and bis and lats next day.

here's what my weekly schedule usually look like:

monday: chest, tris, abbs
tuesday: lats, bis
wednesday: rest
thursday: shoulders, traps, abbs
friday: rest
saturday: legs, abbs
sunday: rest
1) What you are describing resembles a bodybuilding program. The 3-5 minute rest period is for the sake of not burning out the nervous system and being as strong as possible. Thus, training my muscles to contract to their max potential is a skill and should never be done to failure.

2) The amount of times you decide to work on a body part would depend on your goals and how much time for rest you have. For strength, I would vary the weight and reps depending on body feel. For example, if I feel a bit worn that day I would only perform a 3x3 with bodyweight only so I actually feel a bit more refreshed AFTER the training session. The next day I may jack up the weight and do a 5x5 session because I feel great and this is done taking into consideration the golden rule of never training to failure so as to never burn out my muscles and nervous system. So to answer your question, everyday or every other day as long as it is not done to failure and reps and weight is adjusted to prevent failure.

3) I use movements that recruit as many body parts as possible and never do any other pressing movement when doing one armed push ups on that day nor do I do dead lifts on days I perform Pistols. The movements (described above) are fixed and the only variable would be your weight and reps on a given day. Movements in question are described in the beginning of my thread.

Lenin, the question ultimately lies with you. What are your goals? Are they to up your strength? conditioning? Both? or are you going for "looks"?
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