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Default Re: Ken Norton's potential Title Reign

Originally Posted by Russell View Post
Garcia was a 6'4 southpaw who beat Norton after Ken had been fighting for all of 2 some odd years.

Yes, he was 188 pounds, but guess who else weighed exactly that much as well?

Doug Jones weighed 188 pounds against Ali when Ali had been fighting for just less then two years in 63'.
That's all well and good Russell, but the general point that Chris, McVey and myself are making is that the guy was no contender. You can play the green card by saying that Norton was only 16-0, but then again Garcia was 12-2. Doesn't do much to bolster the argument. Ragardless of his being 6'4 and having a south paw stance, he was no puncher, and basically bore the title of journeyman for 95% of his career.
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