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Default Re: Did Marcanio duck Patterson?

Originally Posted by fists of fury

As Dempsey1238 has stated, Floyd was not even a ranked contender when Marciano retired.
Incidentally, Rocky was offered 1.4 million to come out of retirement to fight Johansson, and for a while Rocky liked the idea.
He started losing weight and got back into the gym like the old days. He kept this up for about a month or so before calling it off. There are two versions of the story as to why he did so.

One is that Rocky's various business interests got in the way, and his interest in the fight petered out.
The other version, and probably the most realistic one, was that Marciano realised he simply didn't have it anymore and gave up the idea.

Even Marciano's retirement is shrouded in some mystery. Some say he retired because the daily grind of training was starting to get to him. He began to dislike the smell of the gym, and he stopped taking his walks in the evening as he always used to do without fail.
Charlie Goldman said to him one day "Rock, you're looking bloated lately." to which Marciano replied "I am Charlie, and I'm not walking anymore either." According to Goldman, he knew then and there that Marciano's desire had started to leave him.

Another story is that Rocky had been considering retirement for a while, and had discussions about it with his wife and family. Immediately after his fight with Moore, Rocky announced that he would fight on. However, he went on vacation to South America with his wife, and on returning changed his mind.

Lastly, some say that he retired in order to get out of the clutches of Al Weill, his domineering manager. Rocky had developed a burning resentment against Weill for being an obsessive control freak (Weill once even ordered Rocky to buy him a packet of cigars in front of a reporter) and for skimming some extra off the top of Marciano's purses.

Whichever version is correct, Marciano didn't retire to avoid Floyd Patterson.
More or less all of those are true. There wasn't some one ultimate reason for him to retire, but lots of small factors contributing to it. One that you didn't mention was that, according to Everett M. Skehan's account, Marciano was having serious back problems at the time leading up to his retirement.
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