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Default Re: Ken Norton's potential Title Reign

Originally Posted by Russell View Post
Plenty of people feel that Shaver's beat Ali. Even if you feel he won the battle, he most definitely lost the war.

You act as if everyone mentioned walked over Shaver's, which simply isn't true.

Shaver's also stopped Young and Holme's had to climb up off the canvas after nearly being killed by Earnie.
No, I'm just saying Shavers had a record against top-flight heavyweights (at the prposed time, ie. pre-Norton, pre-Holmes rematch) that wouldn't have made him a necessary duck for a champion Norton.
Sure, he was dangerous, but I doubt he would've been sidelined for being "too dangerous". More likely would've been a good credible challenger for network TV, esp. since he did well against Ali.

As for the Ali-Shavers fight, we are of course imagining a Norton in June '78 onwards who hypothetically BEAT Holmes, so that's also post-Ali-Spinks, meaning Shavers should be seen in light of all of that.
Norton bested a better version of Ali some time before and was allegedly robbed.

Shavers was very good, and good enough to KO Norton, but I dont think Norton knew that until it happened.
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