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Default Re: Lineage of the coloured heavyweight title

Originally Posted by Sam Dixon
From my understanding, Mendoza, it was a diamond studded belt that was presented to Langford when Johnson didn't show up for their fight in 1909 (Langford had to defeat Hague first), although it certainly wasn't being refered to as the "colored heavyweight championship" as BoxRec would have you believe, but the National Sporting Club's version of the "world heavyweight championship", and the title was presented to Langford by Lord Lonsdale himself and was said to have been done on June 2nd of 1909 according to the reports, which was about a week after that promotional club proclaimed him champion.

I've also not seen any contemporary references to the "colored heavyweight title" in Johnson's time up to that point (although Johnson himself was often refered to as the "colored heavyweight champion"), except when Johnson announced his retirement in the fall of 1912, which came on the heels of Johnson's wife committing suicide in Sept of that year. Checking contemporary sources from those days, that's the first time I've seen a reference to a "colored heavyweight title" in Johnson's time and that was in reference to Langford & McVey's fight in Dec of 1912. Coincidently that's about the time we saw the first fight for the "white heavyweight title" between McCarty & Paltzer, which happened just a short time after that fight between Langford & McVey. They were planning to and sort of did split the titles up at that point and obvious based it on the fighter's skin colour, but before that I've not found anything to indicate that their was a "colored heavyweight title" from the beginning of Johnson's reign up until that point.
Thanks a lot Sam Dixon. You’re a treasure chest of information. I leave learning two nice tidbits of information. I was unaware of the diamond studded belt awarded to the colored heavyweight champion. I was also unaware that a match between Johnson vs Langford was made in 1909, but never came to fruition because Johnson did not show up.The only thing I can add is the Langford vs Hauge fight still exists on film today.
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