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Default Re: Nelson Vs whitaker

Originally Posted by TBooze
Like I said, Nelson just seemed to me to go though the motions, and I hope Whitaker was not on drugs then, because if it is shown he was, it is a massive black eye for his career.
I believe Whitaker got into coke in a serious way between 1997 and 1999, and after of course. It wasn't until he fought Trinidad that he looked shot. He was past his prime the night he fought De La Hoya, but was nowhere near shot.

When he was up against Trinidad, he stood and fought flat-footed with a murderous puncher. He never had any option because his co-ordination and reflexes had clearly evaporated.

Why did he look very good sharing a ring with De La Hoya fighting his normal kind of slick defensive fight, then in the next fight went against his own textbook and fought Trinidad wrecklessly and looked a shadow of himself?. Inactivity, serious coke abuse, and he had aged by another 2 years.
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