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Default Re: Al Bundy's Opinions on MMA

Oh yeah, I gotta say Ed's point is nothing exceptional. It's the ol' Jack of all trades, master of none (one) theory. You can't fault a person who studies many disciplines for not being as good at boxing as the man who focuses solely on boxing. That's asinine. That's kind of what makes MMA so exciting is the fact that you must have at least a working knowledge of many disciplines to effectively compete. So you don't know what you're bound to get, a choke, a submission, a ko.

Al wants the sport to devolve. No gloves at all is insane. The sports been there, done that and it's time to move on. I like the road MMA is going down with its adequate regulations. Weight classes, time limits, gloves, the prohibition of the gi and hair pulling (two of Royce Gracie's most valuable assets) were welcomed additions as far as I'm concerned. This changed it from a toughman gorefest to an actual sport. Yesteryear's fighters would not be able to compete with today's breed of MMA combatant. And the reason why belts change hands so rapidly is because it's very difficult to master every discipline in MMA and someone is bound to be at such a high degree in his discipline that he is going to beat the incumbent champ. Franklin fights Silva 5 times. Franklin nets 5 losses. But there is bound to be somebody that's good enough at his personal discipline to present major problems for Silva.
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