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Default Re: ahh..****..fedor signed a $5,000,000 contract with heros?

Its obvious some people don't have a concept of national pride. Would you guys give up something you believe in just to please a bunch of foreigners that will have neither positive nor negative effect on your life?
Do you guys realize that the world is much bigger then just the US? Do you think that in Fedors world he will not be respected and admired and looked upon as a legend? How ignorant can we americans be?
He wants to Represent HIS country in HIS sport (Combat Sambo) obviously that is too much for the UFC, so as anybody would do, he will go else where to do business. Its logical and makes business sense for Fedor.
Get over it, if you are mad write Dana and tell him to accept the terms. Why should Fedor bow to Dana? Because he is the UFC? Stop. It sucks but thats how business is, if it don't make sense don't do it. Bottom line.
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