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Default Re: ahh..****..fedor signed a $5,000,000 contract with heros?

You think he give a **** if he gets 5mil or 6mil for 5 fights? He's already got support for his family and 3 generations after. It has nothing to do with offer. Plus for people who haven't idea, UFC deal was THE MOST LUCRATIVE. Meaning he would get the most money from UFC. He's concern was promoting the sport in Russia. He doesn't give a rats ass about coming to america or fighting the top competition. He also doesn't promote himself as best p4p fighter, he's too humble for that.
Heroes are a lot more flexible with their negotiations. And seeing Dana's behavior from before im not surprised.
Sambo is not huge, but its a popular sport. Fedor is the face of MMA and Sambo in Russia. How are Russian people gona feel if their fighter goes to fight in America exlusively? Especially with America's foreign policy(meaning america is not liked by foreigners much right now).
Fedor is normal Russian guy who cares for his country. I say **** UFC if they dont wanna work with him in promoting the sport in country with lots of combat history and TONS of potential.

If it was Couture in Fedors place right now, he'd be doing exactly same thing for America. And i would respect him for it.
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