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Default Re: next big SMW fight

i jumped on the Kess/Cal idea pretty late. I know it's the two best guys in the div up against each other which is why i've grown keener to see the fight, but there are alot of guys in this division with 0's that all need to step up and begin sorting out fights with each other.

The division has alot of potential but few fighters are going through the ranks (well, until recently). Mundine & Calzaghe need to leave their respective shores and chase fighters. Kessler needs to sort out whether he actually wants Cal or not. Berrio/Bute/Froch and Inkin need to arrange fights NOW (bar Bute cuz of the Bika fight, but based on that fight I dont think his name will be in this list for much longer). Lacy I think, will make a decent challenge when he's not injured...

My pick is for Kess/Cal/Mundine to make one fight out of the possible 3 that they could together...

Which ever guy is left out cuz 2 of them face off needs to take Bute/Berrio/Inkin etc etc...

Either way, dont let the potential of this division fizzle out cuz of 0's or not wanting to leave your backyard etc...
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