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Default Re: ahh..****..fedor signed a $5,000,000 contract with heros?

Originally Posted by ufoalf
No, what you posted was basicly an insult towards fedor. You basicly said he's in it just for the money. Right after the post i made that actually says completely opposite. What you posted is DEFINITELY not a fact. What i posted is based off resources from both Dana's side and Fedor's side. Plus, What you said doesn't even make sense because if he was in it for the money he WOULD go to UFC because again they offered richest contract to him. So its OBVIOUS that he's not in it for the money.

Now as for K1, its HUGE. Especially after pride got bought all its fans are now only have Heroes plus some other lame little orgs. K1 seats around 40000 people a show. UFC's records is like 20000 or something. So here's some numbers for you. They're not as big on PPV though i dont think. Not sure.

Yea, its very upsetting news if it is true. But I understand Fedor if he chooses to the best course for this sport in Russia and not his legacy. I give him mad respect for that.
It wasn't an insult, its telling it like it is.

Not fighting the absolute best means your legacy will suffer and you will not find out your true worth by maximising your potential. So yes, it is fact.

I find it hard to believe Fedor would be getting one million per fight from the UFC especially against lesser opposition. I'm sure he'll get sponsorship, percentage of the gate etc so he'll end up with more in K1.

Fedor is proven, I give him respect for wanting to help his country but historically he may suffer. Thats the way it is.
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