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Default Re: Al Bundy's Opinions on MMA

I think its wrong to say that MMA guys can't hit as hard as pro boxers. Sure some are better than others, but the reason that they don't hit like boxers is that their structure has to be different to accomodate other factors (shoots, sprawls, kicks, etc). They may sacrifice a little power in the hands for a more appropriate stance.

Which is why Al Bundy was critizising Liddel's long range body shot for not looking like a boxer's body shot. An MMA guy fights at a slightly longer range than a boxer (who only has to worry about hands). That's why it didn't look like a boxing blow, which would have been tighter and thrown from closer.

Whether Liddell was wise to use that shot against Jackson is another matter. Jackson is renouned for his tight guard (funky monkey) and couter shots. Foolish if you ask me.

As for the stand up rule, I think its right to stand guys up if nothing is happening or they're just resting. Who wants to see to guys lying there for 30mins as used to happen. If guys reach stalemate, start again. Its the same as a clinch in boxing where nothing is happening.
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