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Default Re: my getting in shape for the army log

I'm guessing you're from michigan ? You need to make sure that you incorporate the beginner exercises for learning a pullup. Simpling doing weightroom pulling exercises (lat pulldown, rows) won't get the job done. Do 4XMAX Timed holds (working up to 4X90-Seconds) and negative pullups (where you start at the top and slowly move downwards). When you are able to complete a few pullups without assistance, look up the "grease the groove method" or design a simple program like this one:

3 Days/Week of 40-Minute Runs/Walks/Jogs (working up to running 5 miles in boots)
2 Days/Week of 15-Minute Runs/Walks/Jogs (working up to running 2 miles in boots)
3 Days/Week of Pushups/Pullups Superset Followed by Crunches/Supermans Superset

Then add whatever you want to the above, as long as it doesn't hinder your main objective. The irony is that you could just adopt a boxing schedule and it would complete your goal. Boxing 4-5 Days, Running 5 Days, then the above Calisthenics on 3 non-consecutive days, 1 day for complete rest from everything. My 2 Cents, hope this helps you out.
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