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Default Re: ahh..****..fedor signed a $5,000,000 contract with heros?

Originally Posted by achillesthegreat
It wasn't an insult, its telling it like it is.

Not fighting the absolute best means your legacy will suffer and you will not find out your true worth by maximising your potential. So yes, it is fact.

I find it hard to believe Fedor would be getting one million per fight from the UFC especially against lesser opposition. I'm sure he'll get sponsorship, percentage of the gate etc so he'll end up with more in K1.

Fedor is proven, I give him respect for wanting to help his country but historically he may suffer. Thats the way it is.
Are you even reading what im saying or are you just talking? You keep talking about legacy and **** which is not what i was talking about and questioning ur knowledge. Plus, what you're saying about legacy is opinion and nothing more even though i partly agree with it.

Which part of "UFC offer was the most lucrative" do u not understand? I REALLY think you're just not reading what i've said.
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