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Default Re: Al Bundy's Opinions on MMA

Originally Posted by fightercraig
Which is why Al Bundy was critizising Liddel's long range body shot for not looking like a boxer's body shot. An MMA guy fights at a slightly longer range than a boxer (who only has to worry about hands). That's why it didn't look like a boxing blow, which would have been tighter and thrown from closer.

Whether Liddell was wise to use that shot against Jackson is another matter. Jackson is renouned for his tight guard (funky monkey) and couter shots. Foolish if you ask me.
After seeing Tito vs Liddell 2 again on unleashed the other night, Chuck really threw that same hook to the body with a good deal of success, which probably gave him confidence in it against a guy who uses a similar style of standup (with much better success though) in Rampage. Given Tito and Rampages former training partnership, and possibly still at least talking reguarly, Rampage watching that fight tape, and Rampage being a much much better striker than Tito, I think it explains alot of what happened.

Kind of off topic, but just something I noticed.
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