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Default Re: ahh..****..fedor signed a $5,000,000 contract with heros?

Originally Posted by ufoalf
Are you even reading what im saying or are you just talking? You keep talking about legacy and **** which is not what i was talking about and questioning ur knowledge. Plus, what you're saying about legacy is opinion and nothing more even though i partly agree with it.

Which part of "UFC offer was the most lucrative" do u not understand? I REALLY think you're just not reading what i've said.
Then why did you say I don't have a clue. Why are you assuming I didn't read your post or I don't know the situation. Admittingly I didnt know to the degree you outlined but I did know he wanted to fight in Sambo comps, fight in Russia, some random points like that.

Is it set in stone that the UFC offer was more lucrative? I doubt it. All parties involved are being rather vague. 5 mil basic from K1 is better than any basic a fighter has got in the UFC.

Fedor beating greater fighters makes his legacy greater - its not opinion, its fact.
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