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Default Re: ahh..crap..fedor signed a $5,000,000 contract with heros?

Originally Posted by ufoalf
Are you even reading what im saying or are you just talking? You keep talking about legacy and shit which is not what i was talking about and questioning ur knowledge. Plus, what you're saying about legacy is opinion and nothing more even though i partly agree with it.

Which part of "UFC offer was the most lucrative" do u not understand? I REALLY think you're just not reading what i've said.
Then why did you say I don't have a clue. Why are you assuming I didn't read your post or I don't know the situation. Admittingly I didnt know to the degree you outlined but I did know he wanted to fight in Sambo comps, fight in Russia, some random points like that.

Is it set in stone that the UFC offer was more lucrative? I doubt it. All parties involved are being rather vague. 5 mil basic from K1 is better than any basic a fighter has got in the UFC.

Fedor beating greater fighters makes his legacy greater - its not opinion, its fact.
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