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Default Re: SRL Vs Marvin Hagler My verdict is in

Originally Posted by Robbi
Yeah, I knew what you meant. Draw/Hagler either as some rounds were close.

111-117 for Hagler someone said earlier in the thread. He's even more out than the judge who scored it 118-110 in favour of Leonard.

Leonard was a clear but close winner.

Hagler's weaknesses: Slow handspeed, no 2-3-4 punch combinations, fighting orthodox during the early rounds, and being cautious, lacked variation, too flat-footed and static to narrow the distance.
I put up a round for round scorecard and invite you to do the same and dispute rounds, but so far you havn't.
I think Hagler won the fight and have explained round by round, while you have simply tried to discredit it by saying it is the worst scorecard you have ever seen or something similar.
Hagler did look **** most of the fight, but he still beat Leonard by a large margin!
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