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Default Re: ahh..****..fedor signed a $5,000,000 contract with heros?

Originally Posted by cross_trainer
In this case, I'd have to agree with achilles about the resume. Fighters like Roy Jones and even Dempsey are often criticized for not facing the opposition that they could have--while I generally prefer to look at who a fighter beat rather than who he ducked, the public generally does not.

More importantly--Fedor's resume will be hurt in a relative sense compared to the fighters who come after him. His inability to fight in the UFC (for whatever reason) will leave him remembered as only the "best of the beltholders" before a true unified champion emerges. Because unfortunately, that's exactly what he will be.
Relative sense isn't exactly legacy than. It's what he has done. It will always stay the same and NO ONE can take that away from him. Yes, if he doesn't join UFC and beat the best of UFC such as Couture, Gonzaga, and Sylvia his legacy is not going to continue growing. Ducking is a VERY cruel word in this case. I highly doubt Fedor ducked anyone seeing how he fought top competition. Barnett's case was just that Barnett always lost the fight to fight Fedor.

RJJ's case is different than Fedor's because IBF WBC etc are not paralelle to UFC, Pride, Hero's etc.

Plus, this is matter of opinion. Besides you are straying away from the argument i originally had with achilles just like he did .
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