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Default Re: SRL Vs Marvin Hagler My verdict is in

Originally Posted by Street Lethal
I may have been closer than 8-4 (a case can be made for 6, 11, and 12), but Hagler won the fight.

People who think Leonard won are open or closet Leonard fans, open or closet Hagler haters (there are definitely some of those here), people who only focused on what Leonard was doing (they were so amazed that he actually lasted the distance that they thought he won lots of rounds along the way), or people who were tricked by Leonard and Dundee.

I am not trying to start a fight by saying this. I'm just being honest. If you sit down with people who think Leonard won and review the fight with them you find that they can't tell you why they thought Leonard won so many rounds.

Hagler had definitely slowed a step, but he wasn't so slow that Leonard could come back after three years and outpoint him. It just didn't happen.
Your stating an opinion as fact. That can be a bit irritating.
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