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Default Re: SRL Vs Marvin Hagler My verdict is in

hagler was shot. i could tell before the fight when i saw him in sparring so i'm the only one who can honestly evaluate him unlike the closet leonard fans/Hagler haters. I am not some fraud that plagues the forums claiming to have had dinner with John Conteh or Ray Leonard and Thomas Hearns.

Before I get too far off the topic, I must agree with the scores in favor of Hagler because as in the Hearns fight, Leonard didn't win enough of the rounds.

Although I will agree with Leonard that the slowness of Hagler helped him tremendously, Hagler didn't have the stamina problem that afflicted Hearns and so it went the distance in what appeared to be a close fight to fans who are easily decieved. Had it been Norris in the ring with Leonard that day, there would have been no controversy as Terry would have simply outsped him on route to a lopsided win.

Back to the fight.

No way did leonard take the first round. Any honest person has to admit the round was even as neither man did enough to win the round. In reality, Ray could do no better than take the second and 4th. third was even. That makes two even and two for leonard.

Hagler takes rd. 5, 7 (close), and 8th round a bit more convincingly.

Leonard takes 6 and 9 is even in a struggle.

That leaves three rounds left. The fight is close and up for grabs.

An extremely faded and sluggish Hagler manages to take rd. 10,11.

Hagler now has 5 rounds. 3 rounds are even and leonard has only won three and IMO has already lost but this is Vegas and with 1 round remaining, if Leonard takes it, could steal the fight.

leonard in fact does take much of the final round (IMO) but like Leonard had done earlier in the fight, Hagler finishes the round strongly and manages to steal it.

Hagler wins the round and the fight itself.
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