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Default Julio Cesar Chavez vs Greg Haugen

I just recently watched Chavez-Haugen on YouTube, and besides it being a horrible mismatch, and giving Chavez his dues as an avenging tornado against Haugen, I was impressed by Haugen's guts in taking his beating like a man. It was a terrible, sustained beating from a fired up Mexican Great, who took it upon himself to avenge the "taxi cab drivers" taunts of Haugen as well as the honor of the Mexican people, who Haugen said couldnt afford tickets to get in the arena, or something like that. But imagine the hostility of that HUGE, HUGE crowd AND the sadistic, pent-up fury that Chavez unleashed upon Haugen! It reminded me somewhat of the awful, one sided beating that Willie Pastrano endured at the hands of Jose Torres in March of 1965. Those beatings pretty well finished both Pastrano and Haugen, but both men demonstrated a certain, fatalistic courage in not pulling a "Bruce Seldon" (Seldon's disgraceful cowardice against Tyson) and sticking it out like a man in both cases.
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