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Default Re: Prime Holmes - Impossible to knock out?

Originally Posted by Duodenum
At his peak, Holmes was virtually as impervious as any heavyweight champion in history. A rusty, badly mis-timed and out of shape version of Holmes showed just enough against peak Tyson to prove that Mike would not have been able to compete with the premium vintage Easton Assassin. With Mike's speed, he might have been able to pull off a flash knockdown, but if so, that would be his only moment of the match. Peak versus peak, Holmes/Tyson is a man against a boy, even moreso because of Tyson's overhyped reputation.

If Tyson is facing the version of Larry who shutout Shavers over 12, Berbick and Cobb over 15, and carried ****ey 11 rounds beyond a second round knockdown (to try selling Gerry to the public as a viable challenger for an easy and lucrative rematch), instead of the mothballed and eyesight compromised variety, there would quickly be little doubt of the outcome. Having the "puncher's chance" believed going for him would keep Tyson's spectators in their seats until the end. But peak Tyson would have had far less of a chance at taking out peak Holmes than he did the vastly inferior Mitch Green, Quick Tillis, Bonecrusher Smith and Tony Tucker. Tall, tough, mobile and physically strong opposition who could take a punch gave him all kinds of problems. At his very best, Larry was better than Smith, Tucker, Green and Tillis put together.

With Larry's jab not misfiring but on-target, he'd easily outmanuever and hold Mike at bay from outside, and utterly smother him like a wet blanket over a conflagration in close. Going into the championship rounds, Larry would already have an insurmontable lead (especially with Futch in his corner). I don't see Mike getting beyond 13 rounds with Holmes (especially since Tyson barely made it to the end of 12 with Smith).

Peak Tyson needed over 45 seconds to finally put Holmes away after the second knockdown, far more than enough time for a battle ready and fully conditioned youthful Holmes to recover fully. (He was lucky to finish the job with five seconds to spare in the fourth, although I'm sure Mike would have gotten him in a following round.) Larry simply wasn't prepared to compete on that date, yet he still got through nearly four complete rounds against one of the fastest starting heavyweights in history, while only collecting a paycheck.
Very good post,

I tend to go back and forth as to who would win between a peak Tyson and peak Holmes. In fact, I've been up in the air about it for nearly 20 years ( LOL ). Holmes was indeed in a much higher category than even the best of Tyson's opponents in the 80's. Even Tyrell Biggs who wasn't particularly durable or talented managed to go 7 rounds and score some points against a prime Tyson. Tyson never fought in a 15 round bout, and only went 12 on a few occasions. If Larry could build up a lead early in the fight, then I don't see him as having much trouble in the mid to late rounds. Most of the air usually went out of Tyson's balloon beyond the 6th. One thing is for certain though, he would be very dangerous to Larry within the first 5 rounds, and given Holmes' soft spot for the right hand, we might have seen at least one or two knockdowns. Another thing that can be said for Tyson is that his best list of opponents probably tops that of Holmes best victories. Nevertheless, this would be a very tough match for both men....
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